Reliable Plumbing and Waterproofing Services in Toronto

WaterGuard Plumbing is a plumbing and drainage maintenance company. You should never underestimate the true value of proper plumbing and drainage, the pleasant environment at your home can end up into a disaster without the presence of these basic services.

Our Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

The common drainage issues occur in kitchens and bathrooms; you can face a lot of water threats from leaking pipes to heavy rainfall. But this is not something that cannot be managed.

Water Services

We also offer water service plumbing; we lay, install, alter and repair all your water pipes, tanks, taps and fittings in the drinking water supply system, to make your drinking water clean, hygienic and convenient.

Drain Services

You should not only be concerned about leaking pipes but also poor drainage. Remember, water will be one of your enemies, and it can destroy you and your property in many ways inside and out. Therefore you should always check and maintain your drainage system.

Drainrooter Services

Your house can face a lot of water threats from leaking pipes to heavy rainfall, and occurrences like that can generate a flood, so be cautious and hire our experts to maintain your leaking pipes.

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